Bicycle Ferry Denmark Germany

The route is Langballigau – Brunsnæs – Marina Minde – Egernsund daily

Experience an unforgettable tour on the bicycle ferry Rødsand

From friday 28 June 2019, the long-awaited bicycle ferry Rødsand will finally start its tours on the Flensburg Fjord. Whether you are traveling alone, with family, with friends, while hiking or cycling; the route from Egernsund to Langballigau will offer you an unforgettable experience!

In the summer of 2019, Rødsand travels from Egernsund via Rendbjerg (Marina Minde) to Brunsnæs (Broagerland) and on to Langballigau in Germany.

There are many ways to combine the ride on the water with experiences on land. For example, from the ferry in Brunsnæs, visit the Cathrinesminde Brickworks museum, or simply combine the boat trip with a walk on the beautiful Gendarme path. A delicious ice cream awaits you at the stops in Egernsund and Rendbjerg, while the restaurants at the harbor in Langballigau invite you for lunch on the terrace.

Bicycles can be taken on the bicycle ferry. Enjoy a day trip on two wheels in Schleswig-Holstein or ride along the beautiful Flensburg Fjord back to Denmark. When taking the bike with you, please remember to book a place for it, as there is limited space available.

For the ferry trip, three routes are offered:

Egernsund – Langballigau        Single ticket                               125 DKK
Langballigau – Egernsund        Single ticket                               125 DKK

Brunsnæs – Langballigau         Single ticket                                75 DKK
Langballigau – Brunsnæs         Single ticket                                75 DKK

Egernsund – Brunsnæs            Single ticket                                75 DKK
Brunsnæs – Egernsund            Single ticket                                75 DKK

Bicycle  (all routes)                     Single ticket                                15 DKK

For ferries from Egernsund to Brunsnæs and from Brunsnæs to Langballigau, the ferry has a maximum capacity of 12 persons.

Important note for the journey from Brunsnæs to Langballigau!

Please do not forget your passport. Small dogs are allowed, when having the necessary documents.

On ¨Sprittur¨ over the beautiful Flensburg Fjord

Join us on a tour in the summer of 2019 that will bring back memories of the good days of the “Sprittur” when we sail on the Rødsand from Egernsund to Flensburg every Thursday in the high season.

Between 28 June and 25 July 2019, we sail every Thursday at 11.30 am from Egernsund to Flensburg. The journey takes 5 hours and leads us through the beautiful landscape of the Flensburg Fjord. Along the way, we pass among other things the legendary ‘Ox islands’, which lie between Denmark and Germany. Around 12:45 pm, we reach the old Hanseatic city of Flensburg, where you can explore the city with its rich history on your own until 3 pm.

At 4:15 pm, we are back in Egernsund.

You can buy a single ticket for Flensburg-Egernsund or Egernsund-Flensburg, which costs 125 DKK.

Please bring your passport with you!


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